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Chem 116 - General Chemistry II


Concentration Units


Net Ionic Equations


Colligative Properties


Vapor Pressure Calculations


Collison Theory


Kinetics: Reaction Rate & Rate Laws


Reaction Mechanisms


Introduction to Equilibrium


Equilibrium: K and Q


Using the Quadratic Equation


Solving by Method of Successive Approximation


Acids and Base Problems


Salt Hydrolysis - Lecture and Examples


Calculations Involving pH




Buffer Solutions


Solubilty and Common Ion


Qualitative Analysis


Entropy, Free Energy and Work


Gibbs Free Energy, Spontaneity and Equilibrium


Electrochemical Cells


Free Energy and Electrical Work


Batteries and Fuel Cells




Electrolytic Cells



Exam Videos

Freezng Point # 1

Freezing Point # 2

Freezing Point # 3

Van't Hoff Factor

Vapor Pressure # 1

Vapor Pressure # 2

Vapor Pressure # 3

Osmotic Pressure

Concentration Conversion # 1

Concentration Conversion # 2

Boiling Point