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Chapters and Topics

Chapter 9

Net Ionic Equations

Solubility Rules

Acids and Bases

Molarity of Ions in Solution

Dilution without Reaction Problem

Dilution without Reaction Unknown Concentration

Dilution without Reaction Two Ionic Solutions Mixed

Dilution with Reaction ICE Table

Dilution with Reaction Unknown Concentrations


Chapter 10

Multi-step Reactions


Chapter 11

Equilibrium Expressions

Equilibrium and States of Matter

Finding K

Finding Concentration from K


Chapter 12

Simple Redox Using the Arrow Method

Simple Redox Using the Half-Reaction Method

Oxidation Numbers

Redox Reactions Using the Arrow Method

Redox Reactions Using the Half-Reaction Method

Using Both Methods

Acid/Base Redox Reactions Using the Arrow Method

Oxidizing and Reducing Agents


Chapter 13

Ideal Gas Law

Gas Law with Variable Conditions

Gas Law Reactions

Density and Molar Mass of Gases


Chapter 14


Heat Transfer

Change of State

Change of State and Total Heat

Final Temperature with Heat Added

Heat of a Reaction


Chapter 15

Balancing Nuclear Reactions

Mass to Energy Calculation

Radioactive Decay


Chapter 17

Lewis Structures of Atoms and Ions

Lewis Structures of Covalent Molecules

Shapes of Molecules


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