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Chem 110A Videos

***Students should attempt the problems first and then watch the videos if they are having trouble!***


Chapters and Topics

Chapter 1

Addition and Subtraction Rules

Multiplication and Division Rules

Counting Sig Figs

Combination Problems

Standard Exponential Form

Multiplication and Division of Exponential Numbers

Addition and Subtraction of Exponentials

Algebra Review



Chapter 2

Conversion Factors

Conversion Factors Metric System

Temperature Conversion

Derived Unit Conversions


Chapter 3


Isotopes and Ions

Ion Formation

Ionic Compound Formation

Ionic Compounds with Polyatomics

Ions From Ionic Compounds

ID Bonding Types


Chapter 5

Molar Mass

Density of Solids

Gas Volume


General Problems

The Dozen and the Mole


Chapter 7

Balancing Equations

Limiting Reagent with Moles

Mass Reaction Problems

Mass Limiting Reagents

Mole-to-Mole Ratios


Chapter 8

Percent Composition Problems

Empirical Formula

Mass Percent Composition


Sample Final Exam Problems

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