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Travis Heiskell is our next speaker this morning.  Travis is fascinated by the world of politics, and he has spoken at length with Marco, Daniel, Sébastien, Samuel, Sandy, and a number of other inhabitants of Les Sables.  He has focused on several points where the French in general seem perplexed by the political world of the US.  As usual, it's impossible to give more than an outline here, but the topics he's explored include:  the death penalty, the Kyoto treaty on pollution, the shield against nuclear missiles, and our electoral system.  Travis found among other things that the French generally do not appreciate our current president, partly because of the media who misrepresent his status and his policies.  One major point the media here miss is that Al Gore was also in favor of the death penalty.  In a country where the Guillotine was developed as the first form of capital punishment not meant to torture before killing this is a touch subject indeed, this is still a hot topic.  Travis noted that among all those he interviewed, he only found one person in favor of restoring the death penalty in France.
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