Garbage Mouth! / City Clean!

There's been a lot of trash talk in WVU-V this summer, but we'll get back to that in a moment.  First up today, is Francis Rengers.  He's not talking dirty, though.  He's talking sand.  As a student in geology and French, he is interested in rocks.  His first point about the sand which gives its name to Les Sables is that it is nothing more than very small rocks of the very same sort that make up the gigantic boulders we see up and down this coast.  Francis has interviewed Monsieur Jean-Claude Daniel and a colleague of his.  M. Daniel teaches in a local lycée, and several years ago he and his students began a project of exchanging their sand with students around the world.  They now have one of the largest collections in France and are planning to open a museum!  Francis also looked into the question of erosion along the beaches here.  Les Sables has installed an elaborate and expensive system of pumps and drains designed to build up the sand which is so important to the economy of this resort community. 
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