Garbage Mouth! / City Clean!

As I close down, I can't help taking this one last picture -- the scene out our classroom window over the beach and the bay of Les Sables d'Olonne.  But for a cloudy day that spoiled our visit to the Isle of Yeu, this is the sky most familiar to the WVU-Vendéens of the year 2001.  This is the view over the circle where the Vendée-Mobile met us so many mornings, sometimes a bit earlier than we wanted.  It's the view from the room where we took all those nail-biting quizzes, and where we talked about the adventures of the next day and that before.  It's the place where the sun shone so bright that my projector dimmed, forcing us to squint to see the pictures and web pages we were sending back home.  We'll all remember the streets of Paris, the windmills of the Mont des Alouettes, the tides crossing the Gois to Noirmoutier, Charette's table in the Chabotterie, the courtyard of Blois's majestic royal castle, and many other sites and sounds.  In the end, however, we will very likely most remember an animated discussion over dinner with our French family, and the times we were all together in this classroom by the sea.

And that's how wonderful it was for WVU-V 2001.

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