Garbage Mouth! / City Clean!

Lauren Casella has been talking a lot of trash this summer, so much so that we've nicknamed her "Garbage Mouth".  It's not exactly what you think.  Lauren's topic is garbage disposal and recycling in Les Sables.  Like the layers of an onion, Lauren discovered that trash is not just skin deep.  She has followed the trail through several interviews, primarily with Madame Hubert of the Mayor's office and with Monsieur Charlet who works with the Société Grandjean, the sanitation company that holds the main contract with the city of Les Sables and with the communes surrounding.  Lauren has found that some 50% of the trash in Les Sables is recycled, 45% is composted or buried, and 5% is incinerated.  Trash costs the town some 5,700,000 francs per year, including 72,000 francs for the transparent recycling bags to the left.  There are no special fees for garbage, since the budget is built into the city's basic budget for infrastructure.  Collection now occurs only three days a week, down from five times a week two years ago (still a scandal in some quarters of town).  Since Morgantown has collection only once a week, Lauren asked the question "why?"  The answer to this and several others was that Les Sables is a "Ville propre" -- a "clean city".  
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