Garbage Mouth! / City Clean!

The other geologist among is Heather Ramsey.  She has looked a little further inland than Francis for her rocks, though.  She interviewed Madame Anne Terrassen, who works in a local jewelry store.    Heather begins by telling us about the formation and subsequent uses of the stone amber, which is actually the fossilized resin of trees.   Heather is skeptical about the reputed medicinal properties of amber, but she has no reserve about the beauty of the stone.  Like many of the businesses in Les Sables, jewelry stores make a large portion of their sales in July and August.  Heather's interview also takes her into questions affecting commerce, such as the use of the Euro, the proliferation of "Walmart-like" grand surface stores, and a new kind of retail practice in France -- that of staying open at lunch.  Like a possible shrinking majority here, Madame Terrassen sees these as a threat both to society at large and to family integrity.  If you have to work or shop through lunch, the world is lost!
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