Garbage Mouth! / City Clean!

Kelly Heroman has chosen tourism as the topic for her project.  She interviewed Nathalie Chevré who works at the Office de Tourisme of the Les Sables.  It is through Madame Chevré that WVU-V coordinates its field trips and excursions.  Kelly tells us about the history of the Office de Tourisme, which opened its doors in 1966 with a one-star rating from the national board of tourism.  Today Les Sables is a four-star office coordinating the activities of many of the 500,000 tourists who come here annually.  Of that number 90% are French nationals, mostly from Paris, Normandy, and Brittany, and 10% are from countries like England, Holland, and Germany.  Kelly tells us that only .05% of visitors to Les Sables are American.  We all look curiously around the room and realize that they must be mostly us!.  
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