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Stacy Lewis has visited an elementary school here in town, and she opens her presentation by redesigning our own space here in the Atlantes conference center.  Her visit in the community was with Madame Marie Daniel, an institutrice at the school.  Madame Daniel works with about 25 or 26 pupils aged 5 to 6 years old.  Stacy tells that a love of children is essential for any one who wishes to work with them at this level.  Madame Daniel has a heavy burden and teaches a wide variety of subjects to her pupils.  Students at this level do not get grades per se, but at the end of the year they are evaluated carefully with regard to their ability continue school at the next level.  It is not at all unusual for a child to repeat a grade here.  Madame Daniel has three children repeating the first grade this year.  She believes strongly in enriching the children's school lives with two key activities.  The first is the reading of good stories and books.  The second is through real-life experiences from field trips to sites of historical or cultural interest (her class always visits the château de Talmont, for example).  I have a feeling that Madame Daniel, Dr. V., and I share quite similar philosophies of education.
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