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Shannon Duggan began studying languages years ago, and French is her third language, after English and Spanish.  She has interviewed Madame Aurélie Bossard who teaches Spanish at the collège of Notre Dame de Bourgenay, a private middle school in Les Sables.  In France all students take at least two foreign languages before finishing high school.  They start the first in the sixth grade and the second in the eight grade, for a total of six and four years of study in each.  Shannon also asked about the influence of the new Minister of National Education, Jack Lang (who as Minister of Culture introduced the Festival of Music).  Last year M. Lang suggested extending language study nationally to the earliest years of school.  In the name diversity, he also proposed that the first foreign language be one other than English, which has moved to near monopoly status among foreign languages in many parts of France.  Shannon says that those measures have not yet been put into place and that a new Minister of Education may or may not want to follow through on them.
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