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Kris Bennett has honed into something truly French -- the pâtisserie (that's the pastry shop for us).  He has interviewed Monsieur Trembier, who runs one of the most elegant shops in all of Les Sables.  He has visited all the parts of the shop and has seen how they make chocolates, pastries, candies, and ices (ice cream, etc.).  Kris tells us about the training and the apprenticeships that are needed for this time-honored profession, and he notes that good pastries are becoming less and less appreciated among the general French public.  The Galion d'Or, however, has a solid base of long-standing and faithful customers.  If you live in Les Sables, you've certainly heard of this shop and the wonderful delicacies it offers to all its clients.   Kris knows all about this now, and he's kind enough to bring us a sample of these sinfully delicious wares.



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