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As I've said earlier, we're in the marathon rush to tie things up so I'm not sure you'll get these pages before our own return back home on July 4-5.  I do have one last chance to get on line this evening at my brother-in-laws house tonight.  If that works, you can thank Antoine Crêtaux, Dr. V.'s brother for these pages (and for several other major contributions to WVU-V over the years).  I will be brief today, though, although the presentations deserve much more... [As it turns our all my tries at connections have failed since our last day of class.  I'll try one more time here at the Charles de Gaulle Airport, July 3, 2005.  It worked, I think, but ask one of your Vendéens for the inside story on this last major challenge of WVU-V 2005.  Sorry for the delay.  ML]

Here's a great example of the very best we have to offer.  Amanda Leverett has been one of the jewels of WVU-V 2005 -- and you may have seen that she sometimes runs from my pictures!  Amanda majors in French and Fashion Merchandising at WVU.  This is a great combination, and I look forward to seeing where this will take her in her very promising future.  For her project, she had interviewed Monsieur Jean-Paul Rezvin, the owner of one of Les Sables' chicest clothing stores.  Amanda works at a similarly elegant store back in Morgantown -- Connie and Frank.  One highlight of her interview is the basic principles the guide M. Rezvin in his selection of items for his store.  Here they are in the order that drive his success:  1) Quality ; 2) Style ; 3) price.   I bet you can see that M. Rezvin and Mister Wal-Mart might not always see eye to eye...



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