Happy Times... and Sad

Anne Mutashi likes music, and she was excited from the very moment we put the "Fête de la Musique" on our calendar.  Anne interviewed two different bands that she found interesting on the evening of June 21 and then she went to Town Hall to see how this whole thing was organized.  The bands she talked with are "Nemesis", an amateur group of musicians averaging 16 years of age, and a more mature group named "Toubib Hors Note" (it's a play on words that takes understanding both French slang and Shakespearean English to understand).  At Town Hall (the Mairie) she talked to Sébastien Brochoire and Charlotte Galas.  The two bands are quite different in nature and give a good sampling of the kinds of performers who get a prime spot on the remlbai for this, the newest of French national holidays.  In fact this festival dates only to 1982 when the Minister of Culture, Jack Lang, worked to have a national holiday that celebrated the pure joy of song and dance.  At Town Hall, Anne learns that there are months and months of preparation for this very long evening and the emphasis is on finding a place for every competent musical performer who files the papers for getting an assigned space.  She also learns that this year was a banner one for the Fête: 15 to 20,000 people showed up this year to enjoy one of France's happiest evenings.
With a little luck, tomorrow will be a banner day for WVU-V 2005.  We're off to the "distant" Isle of Yeu.  If the weather holds, this will be a truly magical day.



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