Happy Times... and Sad

Stephanie Tenbrink studies marketing back at WVU.  Here in Les Sables she has done a project on the sales business on the remblai and in the regular business district in town.  She has interviewed three persons in sales:  Marie Christine Corneroute, who is in the jewelry business, Fabienne Renault, who owns the Banana Moon beach wear shop, and Iris Cracknell, who works with the Vendée-Globe official gift shop (stay tuned for more on the Vendée-Globe sailing race later on).  Stephanie learns that despite appearances in June, most of the remblai shops are open only from April till mid-fall.  She already has seen that most shops in France close for two hours at lunch every day.  Business people don't see this as a loss since most French people focus those hours on having a full and balanced meal with family and friends.



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