Animal crackers.

Mindy's interview also suggested that no animal had ever escaped from the zoo of Les Sables.  At this point, Francis Rengers offered an objection, saying that when he was jogging in the wooded area around the zoo the other day he came across a monkey or some such creature.  We more experienced with the fauna of the region informed him that he had probably sited the legendary Vendée Ape, a creature whose existence is contested by biologists but affirmed by many a lone traveler in the wilds of western France.  We also quietly suggested that Francis keep his discovery to himself.  Those who insist too vehemently on these topics have been known themselves to end up in specially padded cages of a sort few wild apes would envy. . . ;)

For our faithful followers, I should note that Sunday were will all be off for a two-day trip up the Loire Valley.  I expect to be off line again during that time, but I look forward to have excited reports by Tuesday, June 26.  Until then, we wish you happy trails.  

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