Lest we forget . . .

Today our guide is Agnès, and she begins by explaining the coat of arms of the Chabot family who were lords over these lands until 1967.  The coat, which you see above the door to the left, is rich in symbolism, and Agnès details every element for us.

Although the "logis" style of architecture evolved out of the religious wars, it was in the French Revolution that the Chabotterie played its most important role.  

As we all know, the Revolution started in 1789 with the storming of the Bastille.  Peasants, artisans, and merchants were overwhelmed with the financial burdens of a kingdom deeply in debt and a church that seemed to prosper in crisis.  At first even king Louis XVI signed the new constitution.  His attempted flight toward Austria, the home of his wife Marie Antoinette, convinced many that he was a traitor to his people.  

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