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Cycling is among Brandon Merrit's true passions, and his first idea was to do his project on that sport, which as you know is also a passion of the French.  Brandon soon found out that there's another sport linked to Les Sables that is the ocean's equivalent of the Tour de France.  The Vendée-Globe takes place every four years, and Brandon's interview with Madame Valérie Duwel, who has worked with the Vendée-Globe's organization, convinced him that the V-Globe is one of the world's most important sailing events.  Participants leave Les Sables in November and they go around the world solitary on their ship, without assistance and without port.  The one and only stop is when they sail back into Les Sables a few months later.  The record for this "Tour du Monde" is 93 days, far longer than Jules Verne's dream of over a hundred years ago.  Some sailors in the V-Globe will be at sea for six months or so, just for the pride of having sailed around the world all alone.  Having crossed a small part of the Atlantic yesterday, a few of our WVU-Vendéens find this feat absolutely incredible.
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