La Dernière Classe


Jackie Reimann has learned in class back home that students in France are generally so taken by their studies that they have little time for other activities.  And that includes work.  She has found a student who does work outside class, however, and has done her project on that.  Mademoiselle Pauline Darriau is still in high school, and she works part-time in a local ice-cream shop.  When Pauline goes off to college, it will be nearly impossible to put in any extra hours, but for the moment she works about 8 hours a week when school is in session and about 30 hours during summer break.  Since the work week in France is legally set at 35 hours, that's almost like a full time job in the summer.  The minimum wage for this kind of work is now 6.50 € per hour (but is about to go up).  Since Mlle. Darriau has experience and an excellent record, she is paid at a higher scale -- and she gets free ice cream and soda!
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