She Saves Seashells...

Dan Bullock has another take on the arts as practiced in Les Sables.  The Remblai is the sea wall that runs along the beach of Les Sables and he has spoken at length to Monsieur KÚvin Durrant about a project to paint the wall of he Remblai.  M. Durrant is president of the Association l'Art sur Mer, founded to present and execute this creative idea.  After a long process of applications, hearings, and finally official approval, the project is now underway.  Begun in October 2002 and involving some 20 or so artists, the work is expected to be finished around Christmas time this year.  One of the sad paradoxes of this art is that in the summer the tents and cabins set up on the beach prevent us ordinary estivants from enjoying its splendor.  It's in fall and winter that the tents come down and the art of the Remblai comes to full view. 
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