She Saves Seashells...

In addition to her work in French, Allison Latos is a major in journalism at WVU.  It's only natural, then, that she would bring this interest to her culture project in Les Sables.  She has interviewed Monsieur Gérald Héraud, the director of the local paper Le Journal des Sables, and Monsieur E. Martinez, a freelance journalist who lives and works here in town.  Among the things we learn is that Le Journal was founded in 1851 and passed from family to family until 1984 when it was bought by Ouest-France, one of the largest press agencies in France.  M. Martinez says that passion for one's work is the key to success in journalism.  His passion also allows him to pursue subjects of his own choosing and to offer his writing to a number of papers around France.

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