She Saves Seashells...

Today is the last day we will all be together in class at the Atlantes conference center.  It's a memory we will all want to save.

Our culture projects continue this morning with Cassandra Angus' presentation on the neighborhood in Les Sables called L'Ile Penotte.  Cassandra was lucky enough to land an interview with one of the most famous artists in the lands of Olonne, Madame D. Arnaud-Aubin.  The neighborhood where she lives has become famous around Europe for the frescos she has put on the walls up and down her street.  Articles on this work have appeared in many magazines and newspapers, including L'Express and Le Point (The French equivalents of Time and Newsweek).  The murals first began to brighten the Ile Penotte in 1997 and now this is definitely on of the most interesting parts of town.

Cassandra also took some nice pictures during her interview.  Click here to see a few of them.

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