Gardens and Gore

Photos are not allowed inside the logis, but take my word.  You can visit Versailles, you can visit Chambord, but you will not see there anything like the real furnishings that bring the life of this logis back to our modern imagination.  Each room here is furnished and decorated with authentic pieces from the apogee of life here, the 1700's -- what we call the Age of Enlightenment.  Born in the Renaissance, and reaching its height in the Age of Lights, this place is indeed a product of the best of times.  We should note, however, that almost no original logis now exists in anything like this state of conservation.  Many were destroyed in the Religious Wars of the late 1500's.  Others survived until the Revolution, when the Wars of Vendée ripped this quiet part of France to pieces.  The Chabotterie was quickly captured by the Republican forces from Paris and became a headquarters for them in the region.  For that reason it survived as other similar plantations were burned to the ground.
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