Our Ladies: La Dame, La liberté . . .

In the 9th and 10th centuries, Charlemagne's family was decimated by the Viking invaders of the North.  They eventually ceded one of the richest parts of the kingdom to the Northmen, a place we now know as Normandy.  This was a death-knell to Charlemagne's descendents, and soon a new family stepped forward, willing to face down these invaders now settled on the lands of France.

In 987 Hugues Capet replaced the Carolingians as king.  It was his family that would rule until the Revolution, and it is his family that royalists today would seek to restore to the throne of a nation where democracy and republicanism now reign.  To the left we see the statues of the greatest martyrs to republicanism, Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette -- both guillotined in 1793.  Vendée was one region of France that rose up in their defense.  We'll see more on that, too, as our summer continues.

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