Our Ladies: La Dame, La liberté . . .

From the time of Clovis, baptized in the year 496, the kings of France saw this place as the special symbol not only of their faith, but also of their authority.  In the eighth century, King Dagobert decided to renew this sacred ground with a new an improved chapel dedicated to Denis.  It worked "miracles", but mainly for the family that succeeded his -- that of Charlemagne.  Charlemagne himself was not buried here, but he is the exception.  His grandfather Charles Martel, who saved Europe from the Muslim invasions in 732, is here.  Charlemagne's parents, Pépin le Bref (Pepin the Short) and Berthe au Grand Pied (Bertha Big Foot), are here.  But even more importantly, the next family of French royalty chose this ground to symbolize their hold on the French psyche.
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