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May 24-26, 2001

Notre Dame de Bon Port (Our Lady of Good Port) is indeed of the Gothic style, but it was not built in the Middle Ages.  During the Renaissance, one of the great new forces that penetrated Europe was that of the Protestant Reform.  Under the leadership of the Frenchman Jean Calvin (John Calvin), the reform penetrated France with great force.  Les Sables, like much of the west of France, was very influenced by Protestantism.  Soon the country was torn by civil wars that often opposed Catholics and Protestants of the same family.  It was the "Good King" Henri IV, a Protestant who converted to Catholicism, who finally put an end to the wars by signing the Edict of Nantes, just a few miles north of here.  Soon after Henri's assassination in 1610, his son Louis XIII chose a minister that would change the face of France.

The great Cardinal Richelieu would bring all the force of the royal army to bare against the Protestants here and elsewhere.

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