Here at last!

May 24-26, 2001

This is a shot especially for Allison and Alexander.  It is the street of the "Vélo qui vole" or the "Flying Bicycle", which you see perhaps above the red shop sign.  At the end of the street and a few yards left is the apartment where we have stayed in June for the last few years.

I close by noting that I have encountered the same technical problems for internet connections this year as in those past -- and some new ones.  It seems each year there is a new version of Windows or of AOL-France that causes new problems.  I hope to resolve them though, and if you see these pages, I am on my way.  I doubt, however, that I'll have access while in Paris, so my first regular postings should begin next Saturday June 2.  You may want to check back anyway, just in case I find a connection while in the City of Lights.

Stay tuned to WVU-V 2001!    

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