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Phone: 304-293-5201 x 31532


Dept. of Biology, P. O. Box 6057, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV 26506-6057
I am a plant population biologist who uses demographic and experimental approaches to understanding plant population dynamics in species that are either declining (valuable native species) or increasing (potentially harmful invasive species) due to direct or indirect human impacts on the environment.
Special News Flash!

I am proud to announce that my Conservation Fellow, Sara Souther, has been selected for the prestigious David H. Smith Postdoctoral Fellowship! Sara is one of just four individuals selected in 2011 from a national/international pool of nearly 80 applicants. For her postdoc, Sara will be experimentally testing principles of assisted migration as a conservation strategy in a changing world. Congratulations to Sara for this high honor.

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Describing Ginseng Research
Describing Alaskan Research

Research: Present Work

Conservation Biology in a Changing World; American Ginseng as a Model System
Consequences of Rapid Environmental Change in the Arctic
Invasive Species: Effects on Native Species and Causes of Spread; Ailanthus
Research Publications (pdf's)


Ecology and Evolution (Biology 221)
The Total Science Experience Lab (Biology 321)
Biometry (Biology 302)
Plant Population Biology (Biology 762)
Teaching Publications

Additional Information

My Life Outside WVU
Special Message for Prospective Graduate Students

Research: Past Work

Undergraduate Research (Stanford University)
Graduate Research (Ph.D.; Duke University)
Ecology and Genetics of Seed Banks
Adaptation to 'Stress'
Methodological Research
Remote Sensing and Population Biology (Silversword, Hemlock, Trees)

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