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On the road again...
June 4, 1999  

As we had hoped, the Metro workers have voted to end the strike.  As it turned out, the worker in the incident died, not from injuries inflicted by the illegal vendors but from an ruptured aneurism brought on by the incident.  Since the Metro is working, V. Lastinger and I take a moment to visit the historic cimetery Le Père-Lachaise.  Below is the tomb of the the Franco-Polish composer Frédéric Chopin.  We also saw the eternal resting places of giants of French culture like Balzac (the only tomb with a waitng line), Molière, La Fontaine, and even Jim Morrison of the Doors.  To our great disappointment we were unable to find the grave of the great actress Sarah Bernhardt before running out of time.

06-04-1999-1.JPG (42824 octets)

We all made it to the Gare Montparnasse in plenty of time.   Kelly McKnight even had time to do a multi-media interview with an electronic marionnette.

06-04-1999-4.JPG (16445 octets)

Below, a few Vendéens relax at 300 km an hour in the TGV to Nantes.

06-04-1999-5.JPG (19627 octets)

At last we pull into the station at Les Sables d'Olonne.   Below the WVU-Vendéens meet with their new families.

Kathleen Kubal and Nicole Angelicchio with the Cavan's.

06-04-1999-6.JPG (22297 octets)

Kimberly Dorman with Monsieur Grenier.

06-04-1999-7.JPG (19202 octets)

Carolyn Graeber with Monsieur and Madame Mariotti.

06-04-1999-8.JPG (17663 octets)

Jodi Dowdell with Madame Thébaud.

06-04-1999-9.JPG (16006 octets)

Brad Gunnell with Monsieur Crêtaux, Marion and Clémence.

06-04-1999-10.JPG (22083 octets)

Jennifer Jeffries with Madame de Petiville and daughter.

06-04-1999-11.JPG (22605 octets)

Freddy Perkins with Monsieur and Madame Dubois.

06-04-1999-13.JPG (17272 octets)

Kathleen Schattenberg with Madame Diochin and daughters.

06-04-1999-14.JPG (16858 octets)

Amy Workman with the Goldcher family.

06-04-1999-15.JPG (19199 octets)

Helena Racin with the Boileau's.

06-04-1999-16.JPG (21511 octets)

Kelly McKnight with the Lhuissier family.

06-04-1999-12.JPG (16733 octets)

Madame Grandpierre (left), who has made the arrangements for bringing the students together with their new families, discusses the stay with Monsieur Grenier and Dr. V. Lastinger.

06-04-1999-17.JPG (18777 octets)

Our students will spend the weekend with their families, and we will begin our regular class sessions at 9:00 on Monday morning.   We're on our way!


 Stay tuned to WVU-V!

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