West Virginia University in Vendée, France

Reality bites...!
June 2, 1998

Contrary to the image below, the 2 June was a difficult day for the Lastinger's.   The first working day in France brings a few surprises.  Just an example:  the funds for WVU-V were wired to France the previous Thursday and we had been promised a 24-hour delay for reception.  That meant the money arrived on Friday afternoon before the long Pentecost weekend.  We were shocked when we checked in at the bank and found we and our students were effectively penniless.  The officers of the Société Générale went to work and traced our account, confirming that the money was in France and would be in our account in short order.  This day was spent dealing with such small, but frightful annoyances.  Luckily we had an invitation that evening to dine with Valerie's sister and her in-law's at their beautiful estate not far from Les Sables.  Below, the children watch as Monsieur Meunier feeds the fish in the pond at Venanseault.  Tomorrow we'll be up at 6:00 am to catch a train for Paris.


 Stay tuned to WVU-V!

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