A Chicken in Every Pot...

Our road today takes us through the realm of one of Vendée's most legndary villains -- Blue Beard.  His real name was Gille de Rais (do the Google), and he was one of Joan of Arc's best allies.  When he left her army he came back here and ran up debts for his many castles that he could not possibly pay.  He turned to black magic and to pedophilia.  For miles around children were taken to his castles where the disappeared.   In fact, their fate was only too well known to many.  Along with Joan of Arc, Gilles de Rais was one of those who would be judged for witchcraft and condemned to die.  In his ca, many, many Vendée children died before him.  The most famous castle of Gilles de Rais is near here in Tiffauges.  This is his castle in Pouzauges, Vendée.



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