A Chicken in Every Pot...

"A chicken in every pot" is only indirectly related to today's field trip, but in a way this famous political promise touches almost all the visits we will make.  If you know a bit of history this is one of the promises made by King Henri IV in the 1590's while he was struggling to maintain a throne reserved for Catholics, despite his own Protestant faith.  He hoped that economic progress would overcome this major handicap, but in the end he added a simple conversion of faith.  By becoming Catholic he legitimized his claim to the throne and by focusing on economic development he laid the way for his grandson, Louis XIV -- the Sun King...  In 1598 he signed the Edict of Nantes, the world's first effective declaration of religious freedom.  In France, for the first time, those of different faiths had the chance to work and to make their fortune without a religious test.  This may have been the real secret to France's incredible force in the world of the 18th century.  For the moment, though, we're mainly focused on getting aboard the Vendée-mobile for a trip inland to the Bocage of Vendée.


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