Oya ? Oh, Yeah !


[As so often this summer, I'm doing these pages late at night, after a very long day.  Please forgive my typos and malapropisms.  As we on our bikes said a few times today:  "When you come to a fork in the road, you take it".  In the spirit of Yogi, whose name now reminds me of  "Yeu", I send you these pages raw and unproofed.  Here goes...]

We're actually up a bit later than usual today.  The good ship Sabia leaves Les Sables at 9:15, destination the Isle of Yeu.

The earliest recorded name if this isle is from the Romans: "Insula Oya".  It's not clear what "oya" meant, but some say it first referred to the sheep raised here (related to our word "ewe").  Today the word is "yeu", with a resonance that makes the French first think of the word for "eyes" ("yeux"), and perhaps with an echo of the word for "God" ("Dieu").  In any case, every one with us today will agree:  "Oya, oh, yeah!

Today, l'Ile d'Yeu  is a truly heavenly feast for the eyes...

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