She Saves Seashells...

Alexis Delp has another of those presentations will help determine my menu for lunch.  "Avocat" in French means both "lawyer" and "avocado".  I'll enjoy the latter for lunch and tell about the former right here.  Alexis has interviewed Maître Geoffroy Mathorez about the practice of the law.  Note the title, since lawyers her are called "Master" not "Mister".  There's good reason for the special distinction since law school is extremely demanding, and the national CAPA, a rough equivalent to our state-based bar exams, is passed under very rigorous conditions.  Alexis has learned that about half of all French lawyers practice alone while the others join firms or "cabinets".  Today, divorce is the most frequent subject of lawsuits in France, but it is not the most lucrative nor the most easily resolved.  Master Mathorez thus stays away from that and takes care of real business.  He works with commercial contracts and enterprises.  That saves him both headache and heartache, and it may make for a clearer conscience at the end of the day...
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