WVU-V! 2004-05-23/24
Bon voyage...kind of.

Weather's always a question in Pittsburgh in the month of May.  Today we head out toward a city where there's no question.  Chicago's the Windy City all the time.  This time it's spring thunderstorms.  We Lastinger's are on a flight with a few other 2004 Vendéens:  Allison Latos (here with her family), Greta Globosky, Marcie Kent, Melissa Novak, and Jessie Reckart.  Add to the number our two daughters Allison and Lucie Lastinger.  We're planning to meet Cassandra Angus, who left on an earlier flight, in Chicago.  We'll all be on flight 42 to Paris, but not without a worry or two along the way.
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