Vendée in the days of Fairies and Giants

Our bark is captained today by Alana and Auvid.  They don't seem to worried.  In fact they're sailing through the ancient Gulf of Pictons.  This was seawater a thousand years ago, but the monks of Maillezais built these canals to conquer land from the sea.  The canals were restored and extended under Herni IV as a part of his "chicken in every pot" economic development plan.  The lands thus created were some of the richest in Europe.  They still are, but they are small parcels and in a world of massive agricultural equipment and fields across plains with no fences, they are no longer as profitable as they once were.  With modern irrigation, they immediate access to abundant water is no longer the treasure it once was either.  Today tourism, like the pilgrimages of the past, is a primary source of income for the masters of these marshes.
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