Hale and Hearty!

Last but certainly not least today is Stephanie Cooley's exploration of the musical world of Les Sables.  She has interviewed a fellow violinist, Anabelle Bertholomé.  Anabelle has trained in the nearby conservatory of Nantes, the second-ranked school of music in the nation.  She also has the distinction of having trained at the extremely selective Paris Conservatoire de Musique.  Stephanie compares notes on musical training between France, where the emphasis is on technical precision, and the US, where expression of feeling is more valued.  Among things, Stephanie and Anabelle share an admiration of the Israeli violinist Itshak Perlman and a taste for Russian composers.  They hope to cross paths again when Anabelle comes to the US to further her musical education.

Tomorrow we are off to the amazing park of Le Puy du Fou, which recreates the history of Vendée and France from Roman times up to the Revolution.  I look forward to doing that report, with a little luck by your dinnertime on Thursday.

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