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Long-term data from the Fernow are highlighted in several major reviews of nitrogen saturation (e.g., Stoddard 1994), included in regional comparisons (e.g., Aber et al. 2003), and summarized in a LTREB-supported synthesis book (Adams et al. 2006).

Publications are grouped chronologically within the following periods:

2016-2020 (Current LTREB Funding)
(Previous LTREB Funding)
2004-2009 (Initial LTREB Funding)

Those considered relevant to LTREB funding are ones with results from work done in the Long-Term Soil Productivity Plots or in Watersheds 3, 4, 7, 10, or 13 at the Fernow Experimental Forest. Publications are also included that provide complimentary (e.g. historical) information.

This list is not comprehensive and will be periodically updated.

Fernow BookLTREB Related Publications

During period of LTREB funding:

===== 2018 =====

Carrara, J.E., C.A. Walter, J.S. Hawkins, W.T. Peterjohn, C. Averill, and E.R. Brzostek. 2018. Interactions among plants, bacteria, and fungi reduce extracellular enzyme activities under long-term N fertilization. Global Change Biology DOI:10.1111/gcb.14081

Gilliam, F.S., J.D. May, and M.B. Adams. 2018. Response of foliar nutrients of Rubus allegheniensis to nutrient amendments in a central Appalachian hardwood forest. Foret Ecology and Management 411:101-107

Gilliam, F.S., C.A. Walter, M.B. Adams, and W.T. Peterjohn. 2018. Nitrogen (N) dynamics in the mineral soil of a central Appalachian hardwood forest during a quarter century of whole-watershed N additions. Ecosystems DOI:10.1007/s10021-018-0234-4

San Clements, M.D., I.J. Fernandez, R.H. Lee, J.A. Roberti, M.B. Adams, G.A. Rue, and D.M. McKnight. 2018. Long-term experimental acidification drives watershed scale shift in dissoved organic matter composition and flux. Environmental Science & Technology DOI:10.1021/acs.est.7b04499

===== 2017 =====

Burnham, M.B. 2017. Using long-term records to investigate watershed nitrogen supply and demand dynamics at the Fernow Experimental Forest, West Virginia, USA. Doctoral Dissertation, West Virginia University, WV, USA

Burnham, M.B., J.R. Cumming, M.B. Adams, and W.T. Peterjohn. 2017. Soluble soil aluminum alters the relative uptake of mineral nitrogen forms by six mature temperate broadleaf tree species: possible implications for watershed nitrate retention. Oecologia DOI 10.1007/s00442-017-3955-8

Walter, C.A., M.B. Adams, F.S. Gilliam, and W.T. Peterjohn. 2017.  Non-random species loss in a forest herbaceous layer following nitrogen addition. Ecology 98:2322-2332 DOI 10.1002/ecy.1928


===== 2016 =====

Burnham, M.B., B.E. McNeil, M.B. Adams, and W.T. Peterjohn. 2016. The response of tree ring d15N to whole-watershed urea fertilization at the Fernow Experimental Forest, WV. Biogeochemistry 130:133-145 DOI 10.1007/s10533-016-0248-y

Dye, A., A.B. Plotkin, D. Bishop, N. Pederson, B. Poulter, and A. Hessl. 2016. Comparing tree-ring and permanent plot estimates of aboveground net primary production in three eastern U.S. forests. Ecosphere 7:e01454.10.1002/ecs2.1454

Gilliam, F.S., J.H. Billmyer, C.A. Walter, and W.T. Peterjohn. 2016. Effects of excess nitrogen on biogeochemistry of a temperate hardwood forest: Evidence of nutrient redistribution by a forest understory species. Atmospheric Environment 146:261-270

Gilliam, F.S., N.T. Welch, A.H. Phillips, J.K. Billmyer, W.T. Peterjohn, Z.K. Fowler, C.A. Walter, M.B Burnham, J.D. May, and M.B. Adams. 2016. Twenty-five-year response of the herbaceous layer of a temperate hardwood forest to elevated nitrogen deposition. Ecosphere 7(4)e01250.10.1002/ecs2.1250, Article e01250

Pelloquin, R.A., and S.L. Stephenson. 2016. Assessing the ecological impact of whole watershed acidification on the myxomycetes associated with forest floor leaf litter. Current Research in Environmental and Applied Mycology 6(3): 184–189 DOI 10.5943/cream/6/3/5

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Walter, C.A. 2016. Does enhanced nitrogen input affect the structure and composition of forest vegetation? Results from long-term experiments at the Fernow Experimental Forest. Doctoral Dissertation, West Virginia University, WV, USA

Walter, C.A., D.T. Raiff, M.B. Burnham, F.S. Gilliam, M.B. Adams, and W.T. Peterjohn. 2016.  Nitrogen fertilization interacts with light to increase Rubus spp. cover in a temperate forest. Plant Ecology DOI 10.1007/s11258-016-0583-z

2010-2015 Back to top


Fowler, Z.K., M.B. Adams, and W.T. Peterjohn. 2015. Will more nitrogen enhance carbon storage in young forest stands in central Appalachia? Forest Ecology and Management 337:144-152

Gilliam, F.S., J.E. Galloway, and J.S. Sarmiento. 2015. Variation with slope aspect in effects of temperature on nitrogen mineralization and nitrification in mineral soil of mixed hardwood forests. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 45:958-962.

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Prior to LTREB funding:

2000-2003 Back to top


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