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The Years of Hunger:The use of false data by authors R. W. Davies and S. G. Wheatcroft in an attempt to discredit my work on the Soviet famine of 1931-1933.


In the July issue of Europe-Asia Studies, Wheatcroft published a reply to my exposure of his and Daviesí attacks.In that article he said that the problematic website would be changed, but I have not seen the changes introduced yet (July 2007).However, see the next item:


Arguing from yet more errors:†† Wheatcroft published a reply to the above complaint that admits one of his errors directly (the grossly exaggerated Siberian sown area), another indirectly, but then added yet more false and contradictory attacks on my publications that seem to reduce to implicit ad hominem attacks.This is not good for the field and not good for him.