Les Saucissons chauds 



The WVU-FRANCOPHILES (wvufr-l) list is a means of announcing and keeping informed of events in and around Morgantown, WV that are related French and Francophone culture.  It may also serve as a forum for discussion of subjects related to French language and culture.  Since the audience is to be limited to WVU students and faculty and to francophiles in the Morgantown community, subscriptions must be processed by the moderator, Michael Lastinger.

To subscribe, send the following message with no subject to LISTSERV@listserv.wvu.edu :

        SUB WVUFR-L Your@email.address Your Name

You need only provide your first and last name, and the listserv will subscribe you under the address from which you sent the message.  The listserv will quickly confirm the reception of the request.  Within a day or two (and sometimes immediately) you will receive confirmation of your membership and instructions for using the list.  Please print or save those instructions for later use.

If you have any difficulties, send a message to mlasting@wvu.edu, and you will be added manually. 


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