Weekly Schedule of Work Due  

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WEEK Reading Assignment Topic  Writing Assignment Due 

Jan. 9, 11

Chapters 1 and 2  Introduction to business writing Thursday: Course Contract due

Jan. 16, 18

Chapters 2 and  3 Analyzing writing situations; 
Memos & e-mail 
Tuesday: Memo to professor re. course goals 

Thursday: E-mail to professor re. course web site

Jan. 23, 25

Chapter 4 Policy/ Procedure documents Tuesday: GRACE analysis and Revision/Editing Project due

Jan. 30, Feb. 1

Chapter 10 Document design 


Tuesday: Draft of GRACE analysis and Policy/ Procedure document 

Thursday: Conferences; Response memos on group members'  drafts due 

Feb. 6, 8

Chapters 5 and 6 Persuasion, delivering bad news, negotiation Tuesday: GRACE analysis and Policy/Procedure document due

Feb. 13, 15

Chapters 5 and 6 Persuasion, delivering bad news, negotiation 
Thursday: In-class work on assigned case

Feb. 20, 22 

 Feb. 23 is  mid-semester

Chapters 7, 8, and 9 Job search; Resumes, application letters, other employment writing Tuesday: GRACE analysis and document for case study due  

Thursday:  Self-assessment for employment unit

Feb. 27, Mar. 1

Chapters 7, 8, and 9 Resumes, application letters, other employment writing  

Thursday:  Draft of GRACE analysis and employment package due (job ad, application letter, resume, thank you letter) 

Mar. 6, 8

Tuesday: Conferences on emplyment package; Response memos on group members' drafts due 
Mar. 13, 15 

Mar. 16 is last day to drop a class 

Chapter 11  Research methods; Brainstorm topics for group project  TuesdayGRACE analysis and Employment Package due (job ad, application letter, resume, thank you letter) 

Mar 20, 22

Chapter 12 Proposals 


By Monday morning: E-mail to professor re. topic for group project plus one research source due from each group member. 

Tuesday:  Get topic approved for group project 

Thursday: Proposal for group project due. Conference on Proposal 


Mar. 27, 29

   Spring Break 

Apr. 3, 5

Chapters 10 and  13 Formal reports 

Document design; Graphics

Thursday: Graphics exerecise (in class)

Apr. 10, 12

Chapter 13 Progress reports  Tuesday: Write progress report (in class)

Apr. 17, 19

Chapter 14 Reports; Presentations 


Tuesday:  Complete draft of group Report (minimum 6 pages, single-spaced) 

Thursday: Respond to one other group's draft.  Write revision plan (in class)


Apr. 24, 26

Chapter 14 Groups present final projects to class Tuesday: Evaluate group presentations 

Thursday: Evaluate group presentations


Finals Week

Group Project due 3pm, Monday April 30, in my mailbox (231 Stansbury)