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Professional Editing

Take a look at an interesting article about editing under deadline: "Editing a Moving Target" (1997). The author, Mary Stoughton, is an editing, writing, and indexing division manager at the Editorial Eye, Inc. (EEI), a company that specializes in technical and business communication and publication. She is the author of Substance & Style: Instruction & Practice in Copyediting and teaches EEI's "Intensive Introduction to Copyediting" and "Improving Editing Skills" workshops.

For more advice, Purdue University Online Writing Center discusses editing in terms of High Order Concerns (HOC) and Low Order Concerns (LOC)



Take a look at the CommerceNet/Nielsen 1999 U.S./Canada Internet Demographic Study under the "Internet Demographic Analysis" section of  the CommerceNet site's statistics page. This report gives a useful model of how to organize and present complex information, including graphics.  (You will need Adobe Acrobat to read the document.)

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