This assignment asks you to demonstrate your awareness of GRACE principles by writing a letter or memo in response to a difficult writing situation, such as delivering bad news, making a complaint, or engaging in negotiations.  You will work from a case study that specifies the particular writing task you must undertake.


  1. A memo or letter (1-2 pages), as appropriate, that responds to the particular writing situation and task specified in the case.
  2. A GRACE analysis memo (1-2 pages), in which you analyze the writing situation and explain the choices you have made.

Your instructor will supply a case to work from.  This case will describe a business or organizational context, specify your position as a writer within that context, and will set a particular writing task.  This task will be a letter or memo (depending on the situation) in which you must either deliver bad news, make a complaint, or engage in some kind of challenging negotiation.

Part one: The first part of the assignment calls for you to demonstrate your awareness of GRACE principles, especially as they are applied in Chapter 6, in the letter or memo you will write.

Part two: The second part of the assignment asks you to write a 1-2 page memo to me explaining the choices you made in the letter or memo in part one.  This explanation is important because there will be many different ways to respond to the case, depending on the decisions and assumptions you are making about the writing situation.  Your instructor will want to be sure to see the situation as you are seeing it.  Use GRACE principles to guide your explanation.  You will need to state what information from the case you will include (or exclude) in the letter or memo, and any additional assumptions you are making.  Other aspects to consider are:


An effective bad news letter

An effective complaint letter An effective negotiation letter