Scott's Run Settlement House



The Scott's Run Museum
Celebrating and preserving the history of the coal boom era in Monongalia County. Return to the Museum Home Page.

  • The Scott's Run Museum began as one of the many projects sponsored by the United Communities of Scott's Run, Inc. The museum began as a one day museum on November 1, 1996, opened permanently on May 17, 1997, and separately incorporated December, 1997.
  • Current goals include further development of historical exhibits, research, the collection of artifacts, and the development of presentations and programs on a variety of subjects. This includes biographies of coal operators, profiles of ethnic groups, statistics on mines operating in Scott's Run, the development of school and churches, community histories, mine disasters, and glass workers living in the area.
  • Long term goals include the establishment of a museum complex in Scott's Run that would showcase the development of the mining industry and communities along Scott's Run and throughout Monongalia County.
  • The Coal Camp Gift Shop is housed within the museum building. Items created by local crafters are sold on consignment.
  • There is no admission fee at this time. Donations are welcome.
  • The museum is interested in volunteers at all levels. Anyone willing to donate artifacts or contribute expertise in certain areas are welcome. We are also interested in memberships, financial contributors, and potential sponsors. Contact us!

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