Comparative Anatomy - Links


Human anatomy:

Loyola University Medical Education Network This is a page for a human anatomy course. The "LUMEN Learn 'Em" link also has labeled pictures of various parts of human anatomy - skeleton, muscles, arteries and nerves. Pick a category, pick a location of the body, then click on the picture to get the names of specific parts. The LUMEN dissector link eventually leads you to figures of detailed parts of human anatomy.

Innerlearning Online Labels parts of muscular, skeletal, circulatory, lymphatic, reproductive, digestive and nervous systems of the human body. Not as detailed as the site above.

NPAC visible human viewer Lets you see slices of the human body with data from the Visible Human project. This project, among other things, involves the freezing of a male cadaver and taking whole slices of the body and digitizing the data.

Visible Human Project This has information about the visible human project and has many links to sites like the above one that use data from the project.

MedWeb links in anatomy and embryology This is a site with many links to medical webpages in various categories.


Other comparative anatomy courses:

The sites below are homepages to other comparative anatomy courses. Some have links to lecture notes and lab notes that correspond pretty well with the information in our class.

Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy at University of Texas

Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy at University of Dallas

Christian Brothers University - has lab pictures and helpful links

Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy at Kennesaw State University

Comparative Anatomy of the Vertebrates at University of Alberta From this page you can go to helpful videos of cat dissections. The videos show dissections in progress and label anatomy as well, nicely done.

Marshall University - Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy

Loyola University Laboratory Information


  Vertebrate phylogeny and biology:

The three links below are all set up in the same way - they have information of the characteristics and evolutionary relationships between various taxonomical groups, including vertebrates. The links I give start you out at either chordata or vertebrata.

University of Michigan Museum of Zoology - Animal Diversity Web This page has characteristics of various groups within chordata - you click on links to get farther down in taxonomy - at the level of species there are pictures, usually of skulls (that spin!) and teeth.

UC Museum of Paleontology - Vertebrates This one might be the most interesting of the three, it is easier to navigate the site and it has more information and pictures.

University of Arizona - Tree of Life - Chordata This site is real heavy on taxonomical terms and uses strict cladistics so it is harder to navigate around unless you really know your phylogeny. It occassionally has some good figures, though.


General Information:

University of British Columbia - has a list of helpful lab links

Chordate Biology at George Washington University - has various helpful information.

Cat Dissections:

Berkeley High School cat dissection

Cat Anatomy Tutorial

Another Online Cat Dissection

McGraw-Hill Cat Dissection - wonderful pictures of muscle can you resist?

Cat dissection images, including male and female reproductive systems.

Anatomically Correct - Online Cat Dissection

Mudpuppy Dissections and info:

Online Comparative Anatomy Includes mudpuppy and cat.

Chordate Morphology course has a link to a mud puppy dissection.

Salamander and mudpuppy info Breeding behavior and information on neoteny in mudpuppies.

Dogfish Dissections:

Dogfish dissection - This site shows external anatomy and some internal anatomy (not much in terms of circulatory system, though). It has some quizzes you can take.

Some labeled pictures of dogfish which are not spectacular, but ok.

Sheep brain information:

Sheep brain dissection If you click on the right arrow button on the page it takes you through various parts of the sheep brain.

Sheep brain tutorial when you click on different regions of the brain, the parts are named. There also are links to other sheep brain tutorials.

Sheep brain images Short student-made web site with descriptions and images of anatomy of the sheep brain.

Sheep brain dissection a few images, clicking brings up a labeled image.

Perch dissections:

Perch dissection from a high school biology class.

If you can find any other good perch dissection sites, please tell me.

Lamprey dissections:

Some lamprey anatomy, although only a few structures are labeled.

Some information on lamprey lifecycle and biology.


Urochordata at the UC Berkeley site.

Pelagic tunicates, different from those we discuss in class.

It's a long way from amphioxus... a song that you might find amusing from none other than....Dr. Chordate...!

A labeled amphioxus whole mount

Photo of living amphioxus

Skeleton and bone information:

Some lovely skulls University of Michigan, Museum of Zoology

Cursorial locomotion infomation also from the wonderful University of Michigan

Skeleton information - including skull

Information on bone and skeleton

CyberAnatomy Tutorials includes good info on axial skeleton