The Laboratory of Steve DiFazio


















Luke Evans, PhD, 2012, Northern Arizona University

PhD Students

Hari Chhetri, MS, 2009, Claremont Graduate School.

Hari is working on association genetics of leaf and wood anatomy traits in Populus

Rose Strickland-Constable, M.S., 2008, University College, London, England

Rose is working on the population genetics of aspen trees in Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain National Parks.

Ran Zhou, M.S., 2013, Lanzhou University, China

Ran Zhou is working on Salix genomics and population genetics.


Eli Rodgers-Melnick, PhD. student, 2009-2013. Currently a postdoc at Cornell University.

Brahma Reddy Induri, PhD.student, 2006-2012, Currently a lecturer at West Virginia Wesleyan University.

Gancho Slavov Postdoc, 2006-2011. Currently a Lecturer at Aberystwythe University.

Hao Ma, Postdoc, 2006-2011. Presently a Research Associate at West Virginia University.

Danielle Ellis, Postdoc, 2007-2011. Currently a Research Associate at Cal State Pomona.

Mindie Funke, Research Associate, 2007-2011. Currently a student at University of Charleston, SC.

I am actively seeking qualified graduate students to work on a variety of funded projects. Please contact me if you are interested!