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Using This Site Effectively: An explanation of how this site is organized and structured. Here's where you'll find useful navigational aids.

Introduction to Sequential Request Strategies: A conversational introduction into the persuasion tactics of foot-in-the-door and door-in-the-face. A very non-technical look.

The Theory Behind the Strategies: A detailed examination of why the SRS tactics work. Oriented strongly for experienced researchers.

Abstracts of Published SRS Studies: Brief abstracts of SRS studies published in scientific sources. Arranged in alphabetical order by author within tactic.

The Dimensions of SRS Studies: A horizontal look at SRS studies as we organize various dimensions (e.g. messages, participants) across studies.

A Summary of SRS Research: What conclusions are warranted given the research? A meta-meta-analytic synthesis.

About the SRS Team: Professional details about the members of the SRS research team and how to contact them with your questions.

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