SRS Abstract for Zuckerman, Lazzaro, & Waldgeir, 1979

Zuckerman, M., Lazzaro, M., & Waldgeir, D. (1979) Undermining Effect of the Foot-in-the-Door Technique with Extrinsic Rewards. Jounal of Applied Social Psychology, 9,292-296.

The theory behind the foot-in-the-door compliance gaining strategy is that once someone agrees to the small request, he/she views him/herself as a generous individual. However, if he/she receives a monetary reward for compliance, will he/she still view him/herself as generous and, consequently, comply to the larger request? The study shows that participants who were in a no pay group were much more likely to comply to the larger request (message) over those in a pay or control group (results). This data was measured by the results of female researchers calling housewives at home during the day (procedure). This implies that a small monetary reward may decrease the effectiveness of the foot-in-the-door compliance gaining strategy.

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