SRS Abstract for Wagener & Laird, 1980

Wagener, J.& Laird, J. (1980). The Experimenter's Foot-in-the-Door Self-Perception, Body Weight, and Volunteering. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 6, 441-446.

The theory behind this research implied that since overweight people often have lower self-perceptions than do normal weight people, the overweight participants will be less likely to succomb to the foot-in-the-door compliance gaining strategy. Experimenters divided the participants into two groups (procedure). The messages to the control and manipulated groups were the same. The measurements used were simply compliance to taking time to participate in a study. The results indicate that people of normal weight, rather than overweight, were much morelikely to comply to the second request in the foot-in-the-door compliance gaining strategy. This research implies that foot-in-the-door does not span across the population it was once thought to manipulate.

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