SRS Abstract for Scott, C.A., 1976

Scott, C.A. (1976). Modifying Socially-Conscious Behavior: The Foot-in-the-Door Technique. Journal of Marketing Research, 13263-269

The theorythat underpins this research study is self-perception. 315 experimental subjects were contacted at their homes in Chicago, in connection withparticipating. The procedures, included two randomly selected groups, further divided into two conditions. Subjects were either offered, or not offered an incentive to comply with a request. The message was a request to place a small sign in a window of each home, promoting recycling as a means of resource conservation. It read "CONSERVE RESOURCES-RECYCLE". Two weeks later a second request was made of the same groups, some were moderate requests others were large. Measurement of attribution was administered to test the process of self perception. The resultsfound no difference in the compliance of the groups with the first initial request. However, making such a request, without offering an incentive enhanced the likelihood of positive behavioral intentions for subsequent moderate and/or large requests.The Return to SRS Abstract Page

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